I don’t even know what number this is, but I hope you like my cover of Sunday Morning :)


One Take Sessions # 40 - Youth (originally by Daughter)

Just because this is one of my all time favorite songs. Ever. I have nothing more to say other than I miss you, Tumblr. I hope you like this one.

Also, thanks to my friend Lauren for the cover hihihi :)



One Take Sessions # 39 - Cups (Pitch Perfect OST)

It had to be done. If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, you should go watch it right away. It’s my exact kind of movie. For me it’s like.. if Mean Girls and Bring It On were musicals. But that’s just me. So funny! I wanna be BFFs with Fat Amy. Pitch Perfect is perffff!!! It’s my new favorite feel good movie. Can’t get over it! Watched it 5 times over the weekend.

[go to my soundcloud if you fancy downloading this cover hihihi]


One Take Sessions # 38 

Little Things - (originally by One Direction)

I don’t think I’ve posted two covers back to back, but whatever. I’ve been waiting for someone to upload an instrumental of this on YouTube so I just grabbed it right away and sang it. This is probably my favorite slow 1D song. It’s so beautiful and Niall and Louis sing verses and bridges, it’s lovelyyy. I will forever hate Ed Sheeran for this song and all his other songs.



One (hundred) Take Sessions # 37

I Almost Do - (originally by Taylor Swift)

I don’t even.. I’m sorry. If you follow me on Twitter, you would know how much I hate T Swizzle’s new album. It is perfection. This was bound to happen. I feel like I can cover all the “feelings” songs just to get it out of my system. I cannot. So really, this is a lot for me and 10% for you who still actually follow my blog hahaha! 

[I’m on SoundCloud]


One Take Sessions # 36

You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (originally by Bob Dylan)

This song was a Bob Dylan original, but this is a cover of Miley’s version. Been in love with this song since she sang it on Ellen and I’ve been obsessing over it for the past 2 weeks, so here we are. I swear, that girl should really make a country album. I will buy it in a heartbeat. Easily one of my comfort songs.

I’ve also decided to upload my songs on SoundCloud and just link them as an audio post here because I might’ve tried uploading this at least 3 times on Tumblr.


Title: Superstar (cover)
Artist: Aia
392 plays

One Take Sessions # 35

Superstar - (originally by Taylor Swift)

I just realized that I’ve covered at least 3 Taylor Swift songs so far. Sorry lol. It’s been a TS week. I’ve been so obsessed with her new song (We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together). I mean, with that title, you wouldn’t even doubt that it was a song of hers.

Anyway! This one is very quick. I just felt like singing and I think you can actually hear cars passing by, but I can’t be bothered to record it again so.. there you go haha. Superstar is one of my top T-Swizzle songs. It’s just so lovely.

[got the instrumental here.]


Title: Landslide (cover)
Artist: Aia
1,719 plays

One Take Sessions # 34

Landslide - (originally by Fleetwood Mac)

I already did a cover of this with Justine last year. Literally around this time last year, June 13. She was singing the lead and I was doing the backup vocals. 

I decided to make my own cover of this song with less backup vocals because this is my comfort music. Miley covered this when she had her concert here in Manila, and I broke down. Even before reading Perks of Being a Wallflower, this was my infinite song. I was actually hearing this song in my head while reading that part and I find out in the end that it was Landslide. Perfection.

First cover as a 20 year old. Everything about this song is relevant.

Also, add me on SoundCloud! I think you download songs from there.


Title: Otis (Summer)
Artist: Kenji
110 plays

Covers 2012: “Not-so-little” Brother Edition

Otis (Summer) - (instrumental from Jay Z & Kanye’s Otis, lyrics by: Kenji Arkoncel)

Yesterday was my birthday and I’m taking the permission to upload this on Tumblr as a birthday gift from my brother. I am proud to present my 15-year old brother’s “single”! So proud that I even made him an “album cover” haha! 

Other covers we did together:

Next stop: music video of some sort. It’s gonna be a fun ride! ;)


Title: Skinny Love (cover)
Artist: Aia
713 plays

One Take Sessions # 33

Skinny Love - (originally by Bon Iver)

I decided to cover this just because it’s a Skinny Love kind of weather and because my best friend loves this song. This beautiful song is originally by Bon Iver but I covered the Birdy version. That girl is 16. What is this world.


Title: My Stupid Mouth (cover)
Artist: Aia
601 plays

One Take Sessions # 32

My Stupid Mouth - (originally by John Mayer)

I’ve been wanting to cover this song for a really long time, but I could never find a decent instrumental, but I’m so glad I discovered this website that can let you edit the instrumental track itself. It’s brillz. I bought a lot of instrumentals lol.

Anyway, back to the song, this is one of my favorite favorite John Mayer songs. This and Not Myself. I think they’re both underrated. This cover is far from perfect, but I had fun recording this.


Title: Grateful (cover)
Artist: Aia
212 plays

One Take Sessions # 31

Grateful - (originally by Julianne)

This is one of the songs that I have on my mental Post Its. I’ve been wanting to do a song by a local artist (OPM), and I’ve wanting to do this particular song, but I just found out the title of the song and the artist last week. And then of course the instrumental was hard to find because it was nonexistent, so I had this specially made. So worth it.

This is also the first cover I did with my mic! My godparents gave me a legit usb mic and I’ve been waiting for the perfect song to start using it with. This was it. It’s such a beautiful, beautiful song.

Happy weekend, guys! :)


Title: Pumped Up Kicks (cover)
Artist: Aia
679 plays

One Take Sessions # 30

Pumped Up Kicks - (originally by Foster The People)

I really enjoyed recording this one! It was my first time to play around the echoes and & effects with GarageBand and it turned out really well, I think. YAY!  I hope you guys enjoy! :)


Title: Safe & Sound (cover)
Artist: Aia
349 plays

One Take Sessions # 29

Safe & Sound - (originally by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars)

  • Beautiful song.
  • So excited, I can’t contain myself.
  • I missed singing.
  • First cover of 2012! Yay!


Title: Superboy and the Invisible Girl (cover)
Artist: AIA
110 plays

One Take Sessions # 28

Superboy and the Invisible Girl - (originaly from Next To Normal)

I’ve been stressed and this is how I’ve been spending my time lately, watching plays (and singing songs pretending I’m part of the ensemble). I’ve seen In The Heights and Next To Normal in the past 2 months and I have missed it so much! So naturally, I had to cover one of the songs.

P.S. If you guys haven’t seen In The Heights yet, I urge you to watch it on one of the tour dates near you (USA)! It’s FANTASTIC! And Next To Normal is just on another level entirely. I can’t even.

K, bye!



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