I. Tumblr Layout/ Tumblr in general

a. What theme do you use?
— I use this layout by

b. Did you do your layout?
— I just edited the layout. Added a few things here and there

c. Do you follow people who follow you?
— Yes and no. If I really, really like your Tumblr, then yes, I might follow you. But there’s really no sense in following people you’re not interested in, right? It’s nothing personal. It’s just my dashboard is overflowing already.

d. How do you get followers?
— You don’t ask for followers; you earn them. Be yourself and post to express, not to impress.

II. Torrents

A torrent is  basically a bridge to the real file. 

a. Where do you download torrents?
— 99.9% of the time I download torrents from, but if the file/movie/software/game I’m looking for is not there, I search on Google, (e.g “500 Days of Summer” torrent) and something always comes up. Unless the file you’re looking for is very rare or very old, then of course, the chances of getting that file are very slim. If you can’t find it, move on.

b. Do you need software/application to download torrents?
— No. But Piratebay can be a bit confusing. You have to click the “download this torrent” link. In any torrent site, always click the link that says “DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT”. Always check the comments just so you can get an idea of the file’s quality. You don’t want to end up downloading the wrong thing.

You do, however, need an application to download the file that links to your torrent. I’m not sure what application is recommended for PC, but I hear BitTorrent is the advisable one. If you’re using a Mac, I recommend Transmission. Easy to use and works like a charm.

III. TV shows, Music and Photos

a. Where can you download *insert name of tv show here*?
— If the show is current, it’s probably up every week on Piratebay. But if you don’t want to use torrents, you can search on It has links to Megaupload, Mediafire, Rapidshare, wherever. When you search for something, make sure it’s very specific (e.g Glee s01e18) and something should come up. And if it’s not there, Google it. If you still can’t find it, torrent it. Srsly, it will change your life.

b. Where can I watch *insert name of tv show here* online?
—  I don’t watch shows/movies online anymore, but when I did, I watched on and If they are Megavideo links and it stops in the middle, I’m sorry, I can’t help you find another site. You’re gonna have to Google it.

b. Where do you download songs?
— I have no specific sites for songs. Again, I just Google it. (e.g Party In the USA Miley Cyrus mp3 download) Type that in and you’ll find something, I’m sure of it.

c. How do you make Mixtapes?
   1. Make a new playlist on iTunes.
2. Drag songs into the playlist.
3. Make a new folder on your desktop.
4. Drag the songs from the playlist you just made to the new folder on your desktop.
5. Right click (or if you’re using a Mac ctrl + click) and compress.
You should end up with a .zip file
   6. Upload to Megaupload, SendSpace, Mediafire or wherever site you fancy.

d. What do you use for screencaps/picspams?
— For screencaps, I use the Screenshot Plus widget for Mac. I then crop/edit them in iPhoto and then put them all together in Photoshop.

e. Where do you get GIFs?
— I get them around Tumblr. Grab whatever you can! Lol. Follow FuckYeahGIFS! Or!


Did I miss anything?

If your question isn’t mentioned here, and you know it’s answerable by Google, please Google it first. Because seriously, it’s not about me being mean or anything. We’re living in the 21st century and if you don’t know how to use Google, then I advise you to learn it. It’s not rocket science. You will not survive in this techie world, I’m sure.

Bottomline; If all else fails, GOOGLE IT.

Other than that, feel free to ask me anything!


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